80W 940nm CS Conduction Cooled Laser Diode with German Jenoptik Bars

    With 70% Power Conversion Efficiency

    This is a Conduction Cooled Package (CS-Mount) High Power Laser Diode Bar (Laser Diode Array). employing Ausn bonding technology with multiple advantages and are widely applied in the market. Advantage is high output power,low smile,high reliability. Application is pumping, scientific research,medical,industrial, military..


    Item No.: CC940SB80
    Item Name: 80W 940nm CW Conduction Cooled Single Bar Diode Laser

    Center Wavelength940nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±5nm
    Working ModeCW
    Output Power Per Bar80W
    Number of Emitter19
    Emitter Size 100um
    Filling Factor20%
    Pitch of Emitter 500um
    Spectrum Width (FWHM)<4.5nm
    Spectrum Width (FW90%)<8nm
    Fast Axis Divergence(FWHM) 35Deg
    Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)8Deg
    Polarization ModeTE
    Operating Current Iop73A
    Threshold Current Ith6A
    Operating Voltage Vop 1.6V
    Power Conversion Efficiency68%
    Slope Efficiency >1.0W/A
    Operating Temperature15~30℃
    Storage Temperature 0-55℃
    Wavelength Temp Coefficient 0.34nm/℃

    Recommended Heatsink Capacity             



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    Other wavelength and power are available upon your choices,pls contact us freely.





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80W 940nm CS Conduction Cooled Laser Diode with German Jenoptik Bars With 70% Power Conversion Efficiency