17W 808nm 976nm 650nm three Wavelength fiber coupled diode laser

    with red aiming beam



    Item No.: FC808976DL17

    Item Name: 17W 808nm 976nm 650nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

    808nm Beam
    Center Wavelength808nm ±5nm
    Output Power    7W
    Spectral Width FWHM    5nm
    Operating Current Iop  8.5A
    Threshold Current Ith      0.8A
    Operating Voltage Vop  2.0V
    Power Conversion Efficiency      45%
    976nm Beam
    Center Wavelength 976nm ±5nm
    Output Power    10W
    Spectral Width FWHM  5nm
    Operating Current Iop11.5A
    Threshold Current Ith  0.5A
    Operating Voltage Vop  1.9V
    650nm Aiming Beam
    Center Wavelength 650nm ±10nm
    Output Power ~10mW
    Operating Current Iop 100mA
    Operating Voltage Vop2.3V
    Fiber Bend Radius  >60mm
    Buffer Diameter  320um
    Fiber Cladding Diameter    220um
    Fiber Core Diameter    200um
    Fiber Numerical Aperture0.22NA
    Fiber Connector  SMA905
    Fiber Length      1M
    Operating Temperature     15~55℃
    Storage Temperature-30-70℃
    Wavelength Temperature Coefficient~0.3nm/℃
    Lead Soldering Temperature                        10 Sec max 250℃                                        


    Order Procedure:

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    4.Delivery time is 1-4 weeks depends on different order qty and request.

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    6.Quality warranty is 12 months.


    Other models are available upon your choices,such as with more functions, TEC,PD,Aiming Beam,Detachable Fiber,pls


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17W 808nm 976nm 650nm Triple Wavelength fiber coupled diode laser with red aiming beam