27W 976nm Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

    Stable wavelength fiber coupled semiconductor laser has the advantages of high output power, good beam quality, small volume, light weight, maintenance free, low cost and stable performance, which can be used in fiber laser pumping, scientific research and other fields.

    Due to the trend of fiber laser to high power, semiconductor laser is also developing to high power and high brightness. For the fiber coupling laser with stable wavelength, we can provide 180W maximum power.


    Optional built-in thermistor27W 976nm Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser.jpg

    Compact structure, good heat dissipation performance

    Small size and light weight

    Simplified, efficient optical system


    Material processing

    Medical treatment

    Laser engraving

    Laser cutting

    Data Sheet

    Item No: FC976DL27

    Item Name: 27W 976nm Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

    Center Wavelength976nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±0.5nm
    Output Power27W
    Fiber Core105um
    Fiber NA0.22NA
    Fiber Length1m
    Fiber ConnectorBare End
    Operating Current Iop 13A
    Threshold Current Ith1.0A
    Operating Voltage Vop 2.1V
    Operating Temperature15~55℃
    Storage Temperature-30~70℃
    Wavelength Temperature Coefficient0.01nm/℃


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27W 976nm Stabilized Fiber Coupled Diode Laser