808nm and 3 mix Wave Diode Laser Spare parts for Hair Removal Machine


    10bars 810nm or 755nm,808nm,1064nm diode laser stack for hair removal machine with Germany imported laser bar and macro channel cooling.It is used for many brand of hair removal machine repairing and replacement, such as ADSS, Honkon, Sincoheren,PZ Laser,Syntech, ect.......Brandnew Technology have more than 10 years mounting experience, the outside frame can be customized by users.

    808 Vertical?Stack.jpg


    Item  no. :WC808VS600

    Data Sheet:

    Center Wavelength808nm
    Working ModeQCW
    Output Power Per Bar60W
    Number of Bars10
    Bar to Bar Spacing2mm
    Pulse Width10-400ms
    Duty Cycle1-40%
    Operating Current60A
    Threshold Current12A
    Operating Voltage19V
    Conversion Efficiency45%
    Operating Temperature15~30℃
    Storage Temperature                                              0-55℃                     

    Package Drawing:

    500w 808nm.jpg

    Different Structure:


    laser stack with water guide.jpg


    Order Procedure:
    1. Contact us for more details by email.

    2. We send PI to you for payment, payment term is T/T or Western Union.

    3. Once payment is done, we will arrange production.

    4. Delivery time is 3~5days depends on different order qty and request.

    5. After delivery, we will send you DHL, UPS, FedEx ,TNT tracking no.

    6. Quality warranty is 18 months


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810nm Diode Laser Spare Parts for Hair Removal Machine HONKON Sincoheren