100W 915nm Pulsed Single Bar Diode Laser

    The single bar is clamped in heat sinks for this model, output power per bar is up to 100W. Wavelength can be 915nm,940nm,976nm,980nm. If you need higher power, Multiple bars can be stacked in the horizontal or vertical direction to increase the output power.When stacked, the output power can be high as a few kilowatts.The number of bar is 1~36pcs.


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    Item No.: CC915SB100

    Item Name: 100W 915nm Pulsed Conduction Cooled Single bar Diode Laser

    Center Wavelength915nm±5nm
    Output Power100W
    Working ModeQCW
    Fast Axis Divergence(FWHM)40Deg
    Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)12Deg
    Spectral Width FWHM<4nm
    Pulse Width<400us
    Duty Cycle<2%
    Operating Current Iop100A
    Threshold Current Ith10A
    Operating Voltage Vop2V/bar
    Power Conversion Efficiency50%
    Operating Temperature-45~+60℃
    Storage Temperature-55~+85℃
    Best Working Temperature                    25℃             

    Dimensional Outline:


    9xx conduction cooled bar.jpg

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100W 915nm Pulsed Single Bar Diode Laser